Sunday, April 16, 2006 

A Typical Day

6:00 am: Wake the slave
6:01 am: Nag the slave as she stumbles blindly in the general direction of the kitchen, just in case today is the one day that she forgets that I'm here.
6:02 am: Attempt to trip up the slave as she stumbles towards my food bowl with catfood in hand
6:03 am: Finally! Breakfast! You just can't get good service anymore.
6:10 am: I disappear through the cat door for ablutions. Or that's what I tell her.
6:30 am: I return to take up my space on the sofa. Then (providing my rest isn't disturbed) I settle in for a powernap.
9:00 am: Ablutions - chat/hiss/fight with the neighbour's cat - what was it doing in my yard, anyway?
9:30 am: Topup powernap
1:00 pm: If the slave hasn't gone out to earn money for catfood, nag her a little, just to see if I can get some more food because she feels slightly guilty for leaving me to my own devices while she works.
1:15 pm: Check the perimeter. That stupid cat next door just doesn't learn!
1:25 pm: (If home) go sit next to slave and be just remote enough that she has to make an effort to bend down or reach across to me and scratch me under the chin or between the ears. I reward her with a purr or two.
1:45 pm: More napping required. This breathing and walking is tough work.
2:45 pm: Wake and check for more food. Check again. Nag a little.
3:15 pm: Ablutions, followed by another nap.
4:45 pm: Wake and check for food. If it's not there, start nagging. Progress to yowling. Does anyone know what "Not now, Friday!" means, anyway?
5:00 pm: Oh, bliss! Oh, joy! There's fooooood in my bowl.. and on my nose because I couldn't wait for it to be over before I got stuck in!
5:15 pm: Wind myself around the slave's legs as an acknowledgment of my gratitude. She trips. Does anyone know what "Damnit, Friday, get out of the kitchen!" means?
6:00 pm: I take off to an undisclosed location, and don't head back to the house until it starts to get a little chilly, say around ..
7:00 pm: More sleep.. usually on the sofa again, but if there are people around, the bed in the spare room is an excellent substitute and the duvet cover looks amazing with that sheen of cat hair. It lends texture to the design.
10:00 pm: wOOt!! Party time! Later, taters!!



What did you expect? I'm a cat!

Mostly my slave wants to play with Blogger templates and she's doing it here.. look out for changes to come! If she gets it right, she's gonna make hers look all pretty, too.

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